What is Chirimen (crêpe textile)?

Chirimen is a traditional Japanese fabric (often silk but also wool or synthetic fiber fabric), which in English is called crape textile.
The Chirimen weaving technique, developed in the late 16th century, keeps the weft thread tighter than the warp thread during weaving process. That gives the fabric unique fine wrinkles on the surface and therewith a smooth and pleasant texture.
The following photos are taken on some of our products made of Chirimen textile.

Chirimen has been cherished as a material for Japanese kimono from the old days up to now. The fabric is still popular for hand-sewn pouches, wrapping (Furoshiki), ornaments and so on.
Motifs of ornaments are often flowers, animals and sometimes even food such as Sushi!

Moreover Chirimen is due to its weaving technique a stronger fabric than other types of kimono silk. Its thickness and weight gives us the feeling of quality.

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