Jacket / Colorful / Diamond pattern / Chirimen(Crape)

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100% pure silk
Chirimen(Crape) silk type
Thick and strong fabric compared to other types of silk

This dress is one-size-fits-all.
Body length: 102 cm
Bust: 50 cm (Maximum)
Sleeves and shoulder total length: 133 cm
Collar length: 8 cm

Many daiamond patterns with orange, yellow, green, whte, light blue and dark blue.
It is a rare and unique fabric.

Tucked center of back
Tucked sleeves
No pockets


Please note that each garment is an environmentally friendly product made by a vintage kimono and therefore the textile might have minor damages and stains although the fabrics are carefully chosen.
We appreciate your understanding for the signs of time.
Please feel free to contact info@onokimono.com before adding to the shopping cart if you have any questions.

The fabric is 100% kimono silk.
Please do not wash in the washing machine.
It is recommended to use a professional cleaning company.
In case you want to wash the item by hand please follow the instructions as below.

1. Fill a clean sink or large bowl with cold water.
2. Add a very mild detergent to the water and agitate the water to mix in the detergent.
3. Hand-wash the silk item by gently water. Repeat this several times in order to move it up and down in the soapy water through the fabric.
(When cleaning, the color of the item may be lost somewhat so it is recommended to wash the item alone)
4. Empty the sink or bowl.
5. Rinse the item in cold water until all soap residue has been removed.
6. Press the water out of the fabric by rolling it in a towel. Do not twist or wring, as this will damage the fabric.
7. Hang the wet garment and allow it to air dry completely. Avoid direct sun-light .
8. Iron only when absolutely necessary. Use low temperature when ironing and press cloth between the iron and the fabric.